HOA Guidebook & Sample Forms

HOA Organizational Guidebook

Download the HOA Guidebook and learn about different aspects of starting an HOA along with sources for learning on your own.

Sample By-Laws

Download a set of by-laws which you can be used to guide your by-laws.

Sample Financial Review

This downloadable excel file gives you insight into what may be included in your budget and how your budget should be formatted.

Sample Proxy Form

Proxies authorize other members of an association to vote on behalf of the member filling out the proxy. Proxies are encouraged as an alternative voting method in order to ensure that the democracy of your association is upheld.

Sample Covenants

These sample covenants give you an idea of what is contained in covenants and what you may look to include or exclude in your own.

Getting Started with Organizing a Neighborhood

This document gives you a list of things to do when starting to organize a neighborhood.

Neighborhood Cleanup Manual

This manual provides you with background on organizing and obtaining funding for neighborhood cleanups.

Petition Processes and Sample

Download the sample petition and process to create a petition for your neighborhood. 


Covenants - Covenants run with the land and some do need to be renewed. Most will automatically renew. Old ones that have been dormant can be reinstated with notice - as of such and such a date they will be in effect and there will be a meeting to elect the Board, etc. Must seek legal counsel before making any statements about this.

Homeowners Association (HOA) - only property owners can be members and there are usually covenants that can be enforced on the owners.

Neighborhood Association (NA) - In a NA, there is no ownership required and no covenants to be enforced.

Community Association (CA) - In a CA, there is no ownership required for membership, but only property owners may vote, and there may or may not be covenants to be enforced. A CA is a collective of individuals and/or organizations within and representing a specific geographic area.
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