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CONO educates neighborhoods allowing them to help themselves. Our success is measured by the number of neighborhoods we are able to reach and the number of connections we can make between neighborhoods.

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Today, our community is thriving. Jody Derrington, the Facility Director at Deerfield Hills Community Center has mastered the programs that fit the needs of our growing community. The center represents a strong sense of commitment. Our Neighborhood continues to work closely with CONO. +

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Sheena Pasko, President of the Ivywild Improvement Society, can hardly contain her enthusiasm about CONO, the Council of Neighbors and Organizations, the nonprofit in Colorado Springs that assists neighborhoods and HOA’s on virtually every subject imaginable. “Without CONO, our neighborhood would never have developed the way it did. They have the tools, the experience, and the programs to help communities become the best that they can be.”+

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"Our Re-Rock the Parkways project began two years ago when, through CONO, we met our District 2 City Councilman Larry Bagley. He came, walked the area, met twice with groups of residents, and inspired us to organize. He also came to one of our potlucks last year and again inspired us to be proactive. CONO introduced us to City Landscape Architect Connie Parry who came, walked the area, and advised us on what needed to be done. More recently, she also advised us about coordinating with City traffic engineering and about specific materials to use. With CONO's help we had our first Dumpster Day in August 2016, and began raising funds. We had the weeds in the parkway professionally sprayed and began organizing the whole project of digging out and re-rocking. Our goal was to be finished by Labor Day, and, in fact, we finished September 1, 2017! "+
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