Our Services

Members (Individual or HOA) can ask CONO questions regarding the governing documents of their association, CCIOA, and the CRNPA. CONO will do the research and provide answers along with best practices. While CONO is not a law firm, we do provide advice and best practices based on our substantial experience.

HOA Officer Training

Most members of Homeowner Associations are not lawyers. Yet, they are expected to know all the rules and regulations for their association. CONO provides training for new and existing board members to ensure they are up to date on the governing rules and regulations for their HOA. 

Neighborhood Leadership Training

Becoming a neighborhood leader is hard work! This training session teaches best practices for organizing community volunteer groups, running meetings, communication, and recruitment. Additionally, CONO provides information on working with the City & County, as well as private developers and businesses.

Neighborhood Cleanup

CONO helps organize neighborhood cleanups. This activity helps build community through neighbor to neighbor interaction while also beautifying your property and surrounding properties.  Download the neighborhood cleanup manual to get started.

Election Services

Each HOA has elections for board members. Depending on each HOA's bylaws, a third-party may be required to count the votes. CONO can hold the election and conduct impartial, unbiased counts for your HOA.


CONO helps avoid costly lawsuits by bringing in HOA/NAs and their members to resolve conflicts. This process can help not only the homeowner involved, but everyone in the neighborhood as costs must be absorbed by the association/

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